Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

A designer with global influence, Marc Jacobs is known for luxury, exquisite tailoring and a twist of the unexpected. His designs are elegant but not precious and it is for this ironic mix that Marc Jacobs has become so well known.

Fragrance, like fashion, is meant to express a strong personal style. Marc Jacobs fragrances maintain the fundamental aspects of all Marc Jacobs designs. The Marc Jacobs label has long been associated with products of the highest quality and this level of quality extends to the fragrance collections.

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Marc Jacobs is one of the world's most talented designers. His understated style and attention to detail are values that seamlessly migrate to his fragrance collection. He once said: "fragrance, like fashion, is meant to express a strong personal style."


Fragrances include Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs Women, Daisy Marc Jacobs, BANG, Lola by Marc Jacobs and the Marc Jacobs Splash Collection, among others.


Marc Jacobs Honey Eau De Parfum

I got this as a birthday present and find the scent beautifully light and... read more >>

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