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Introduced in 1968 as the first-ever dermatologist inspired, Allergy Tested, 100% Fragrance Free line

of skin care products, Clinique became an instant classic. And more than four decades (and over

135 countries) later, the essential concepts still remain. So what are the words that define the brand?

• Allergy Tested, 100% Fragrance Free

• 3-Step Skin Care

• Dermatologist Created And Inspired

• Custom-Fit For Every Skin Type

• Products That Perform

• Wearable Colours


What Sets Clinique Apart?


At the very core of Clinique’s philosophy is the understanding that everyone has a different set of

environmental, psychological and physiological factors influencing her skin’s needs and appearance.

From the texture of every moisturizer and serum to the properties of each foundation and lipstick,

Clinique knows how to address any skin type. Oily or dry, pale or olive, flexible regimens make

Clinique skin care and makeup both individualized and universal.


3-Step Skin Care

Superb skin is as simple as 1-2-3. The Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System is not only the cornerstone

of the brand, but truly a universal icon in cosmetics. A daily regimen of Facial Soap, to cleanse, Clarifying

Lotion, to exfoliate and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion or Gel, to moisturize, creates

great skin. Three products. Three minutes. Twice a day. It’s as easy as that.



Exfoliation, the natural process of skin renewal, is the key to younger looking, radiant, more eventoned

skin. Clinique was the first to advocate the universal need for gentle daily exfoliation and has

a history of creating gentle, yet effective products that can be easily tolerated by all skins. The key is

finding the right strength of exfoliation for each person’s individual needs and using ingredients that

can be tolerated by all. Used for hundreds of years in dermatology, Salicylic Acid is one of our core

ingredients and one of the best exfoliants. Many of our products use a range of gentle exfoliants like

this to encourage healthy cell renewal.


The Clinique Consultant

Teaching the client about his or her individual skin type, how to care for it and what helps skin look

its best would be impossible without the Clinique Consultant. Thanks to education programs that

have become the gold standard in the industry, Clinique Consultants are ever-devoted skin care

professionals capable of consulting each client on how to care for their skin and apply makeup in a

clean, beautiful way. They are defined by an impeccable appearance, endless product knowledge

and of course, the white lab coat.


Clinique Computer

In his quest to educate his patients, Dr. Norman Orentreich found that when asked to assess their

own skin type, most people would guess wrong. Therefore he developed what has since become

known as the “Clinique Computer.” This scientific approach, born of a medical understanding of

skin, is now used at every Clinique point of sale around the world. Based on key physical attributes

that do not change eye colour, pore size, natural hair colour, how your skin reacts to sun, etc., as

well as a few other criteria, Dr. Orentreich developed a diagnostic tool unlike anything else in the

industry. Based on this information, the Consultant then selects the appropriate regimen for each

individual’s needs-from basic daily care to advanced treatments, foundation and makeup.


Science & Technology

Clinique’s Research and Development team works tirelessly to find new ways to create innovative

formulas that address the needs and concerns of the client. There is an added level of difficulty when

creating products that are allergy tested, so Clinique scientists in the United States, Europe and Asia

conduct extensive research to isolate key ingredients and develop new textures and delivery mechanisms

to make sure that everything sold stands up to the brand’s strict guidelines. In addition to

developing new products and technology, there is a dedication to being a driving force in the field of

skin care and beauty that distinguishes Clinique as a leading “Skin Care Authority.”


Allergy Tested

With every new advance comes the meticulous testing used by Clinique to scrutinize products. In

order to ensure the “Allergy Tested” claim holds true, every Clinique formula is tested by an outside

medical research team. This dedication has enabled Clinique to create an excellent line of products,

earning respect and dedication from customers as a best-loved and well-trusted brand.


Dermatological Roots

Clinique pioneered the connection between dermatology and cosmetics and continues to fuse these

two worlds with the introduction of products that continue to address specific dermatological concerns

such as acne, redness, hyperpigmentation and de-aging. In a time when the industry thought

that beautiful yet efficacious products for women with special concerns were unattainable, Clinique

achieved the impossible through its partnership with dermatologist Dr. Norman Orentreich. In keeping

with that tradition, Clinique’s Research & Development department has continued to stay on

top of the latest scientific developments by working with the foremost universities, researchers and

dermatologists. Building on the brand’s heritage scientists are always striving to find out more about

our skin’s natural mechanisms, so that we can work to influence these processes.

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