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Calvin Klein is one of the world's most influential designers in fashion and fragrance. With clean lines and spare shapes, his name has become synonymous with modern chic minimalism. When he launched his own label in 1968, he wasn't creating a forward-thinking brand; he was building the future of fashion.

Today, the iconic label is a true lifestyle brand with one of the most recognized brand names in the world. Always at the forefront of fashion, fragrance and advertising, Calvin Klein represents a "brand that can affect youth and people of any age". From the groundbreaking launches of Obsession and Eternity, to the revolutionary introduction of ck one, to the sexy and provocative blockbuster release of Euphoria, and the innovative, sexy, texty launch of ckIN2U, many long-established conventions continue to be reshaped by the brand.

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Calvin Klein launched his labed in 1968 with a line of men's and women's coats. Today, the iconic label is a true lifestyle brand and one of the greatest American fashion houses - known as much for its minimalist fashions as for its groundbreaking advertising campaigns.


The Calvin look is clean and classic with minimalist styles. The clarity of his design is emphasized by lack of excess or ornament. The collections are very sophisticated yet pure and particularly sexy

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