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Best Of Beauty: Up and Coming Beauty Elite

Happy Friday, Adorables!

It’s been a busy week here at Adore Beauty IQ with the much anticipated arrival of Bobbi Brown!

We’ve been testing out the range (the joys of working in beauty!), and we’re specifically loving Bobbi Brown’s range of luxurious make-up and skincare. A clear favourite it the Illuminating Face Base, the perfect ally in achieving the seasons top trends – strobing and illuminating.

There’s plenty happening in the blogosphere this week too, with the up and coming beauty elite featuring heavily!


Credit: Max Made

Max Made Cover Girl Whitney Eve Port – Maxmade
The Hills was definitely one of those guilty obsession shows, the one you love to watch but would never dream of admitting that to anyone!

By far the best thing to come out of The Hills is the stunning Whitney Eve Port, who has since made her name as one of the US’ fashion and beauty elite. She’s on the cover of September’s Max Made, and lets us in on her beauty secrets (including using frozen spoons to prevent puffy eyes!) in this fabulous interview.

Beauty Talk: Margaret Zhang – Gritty Pretty
If there is one this that is undeniable, it’s that Margaret Zhang is one of the Queens of fashion and beauty blogging! Clinque certainly agrees, recently announcing the 22 year old as a global ambassador for the brand!

Eleanor Pendleton sits down with Margaret in this riveting interview about her incredibly achievements in her short career, her law degree, and of course her favourite beauty tips!

Margaret-Zhang-Gritty-Pretty-668x1000 edit

Credit: Gritty Pretty

How to Store Beauty Products – Breakfast with Audrey
A hard fact of life is that our beauty products do expire, and a once silky smooth foundation or a deliciously scented fragrance can and probably will change to something less than useable over the year after we first open them.
But, we can slow down the aging process of our makeup and beauty products with a few simple tips from the team at Breakfast With Audrey. This is a must read to get the most value out of your favourites!

August 2015 Beauty Favourites – Styling You
Real-girl glamour is the mantra of Nikki from Styling You, so we love it when she releases her monthly beauty favourites and gives us all a little insight into what’s made her look fabulous in the last 30 days.

Nikki has jumped on the Bobbi Brown train this month, after hearing Bobbi herself speak at a recent event and loving her mantra on women’s beauty!


Credit: Styling You

Reader Reviews: Cleansing Oils – Beauticate.
If there is one product women are constantly confused about, it’s oils. Body oils, face oils, hair oils, and now cleansing oils are all going against what we’ve been told for years – that oils are bad.

Beauticate is teaching us otherwise, trialling a range of cleansing oils to help us understand just how amazing these products are, particularly in winter when skin is dry and a little bit tortured!

The verdict – cleansing oils are a fabulous night time cleansing option and are especially good at melting away makeup to leave skin silky smooth!

cleansing oils edit

Credit: Beauticate

The product that changed Eleanor Pendleton’s skin forever

Gritty Pretty’s Eleanor Pendleton is the first to admit that she has naturally good skin. But like any beauty lover, she works to keep it up! Along with cleaning, nurturing, feeding and watering it daily, here she reveals the discovery that she can always rely on for flawlessness…

Gritty-Pretty_Beauty_23.11.14_GEgan_0561 edit

“My skin used to be covered in blemishes. Big, sore and angry blemishes. My skin also used to be covered in tiny bumps which while they weren’t visible to others, they felt gigantic to me. 

At the time, my mum (a fair skin-worshiping Filipino who considers brightening products the Holy Grail) told me about SK-II and how popular it was in Asia. While telling me to drink more water and keep my vitamins up (bless!), mum passed on a half-filled bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – knowing full well this meant she could run out and buy herself a new one – and so I started using it.

I didn’t really know what to expect. Yes, it looked like water, felt like water but unlike water, my skin absorbed it completely. Mum told me to apply 3 – 4 drops in the palm of my hand, press my palms together then pat it on my face and neck – this she told me to do after cleansing but before moisturising. You could also soak a cotton pad and apply the essence that way but I like my hands to reap the skin-nourishing benefits as well.

EP-July2015-Web-143 edit

But, before you catch me out and call this luxury liquid a toner, just wait a second.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is much more than just a toner. It contains 90 per cent pitera – a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids, which was discovered during the fermentation process of sake over 30 years ago. In fact, SK-II cottoned on to the fact that Japanese sake brewers had youthful hands (despite their elderly age) and fortunately for our skin, went on a mission to find out why.

As an all-in-one product, the essence gently exfoliates the skin’s surface, fades pigmentation, reduces wrinkles, firms and improves the texture and clarity of the complexion. In just two weeks, your skin becomes beautifully clear. Personally, when I run out of the liquid gold or simply get lazy and fall off the bandwagon, I really notice the difference in my skin. Because of that, I no longer go a day without it.”

Gritty-Pretty_Beauty_23.11.14_GEgan_0181-666x1000 edit

Shop SK-II here.

Tell us, what’s the SK-II product that you can’t live without?

How-to: Harper & Harley’s YSL 1970s makeover

She may be known for her slick, monochrome style but fashion blogger Sara Donaldson, from Harper & Harley, knew Yves Saint Laurent would make transforming her into an on-point 1970s beauty a cinch.

556071-3c14efb6-0414-11e5-a51d-261bba26395a edit

“In terms of fashion and fun, it was a decade to sparkle,” says Lloyd Simmonds, Yves Creative Director of Make-Up. “The ’70s was the birth of fuchsia in make-up, and everything was bronzed, which worked with the new excessive colours.”

To re-create this look at home, the luxe French brand recommends taking on one or two retro aspects only, to ensure a contemporary feel.

“It’s really important to start with a modern complexion – to have clean, gorgeous fresh skin, even if you’re doing full-on glamazon eyes. Don’t play on all the elements at once and together.”


Prep the skin with YSL Forever Light Creator Serum, then brush on YSL Fusion Ink Foundation. The unique formula allows for breathable coverage. Dust a bit of blush onto the apples of your cheek for a healthy glow.



Sweep some YSL Full Metal Shadow in No. 4 over your eyelids then use No. 3 to contour and darken. Tidy brows will further enhance your striking peepers.



Give your lips a dose of colour with YSL Volupté Tint-In-Oil in No. 7. If you want to add extra shine and drama, try YSL Gloss Volupté or YSL Rouge Volupté.


Channel your inner retro glamour and shop Yves Saint Laurent here.

Best of Beauty: Summer on the Horizon

Happy Friday, Adorables!

It’s almost here, we can feel it coming! That bone-shattering winter chill has lifted off Melbourne’s mornings, and while it’s still pretty damn cold, warmer weather is just around the corner.

That means, this week our bloggers are starting to prepare for summer – eyeing off upcoming beauty trends, refreshing our health and wellness, and exploring some new hair styles perfect for the warmer months!

Sleep-yourself-thin edit

Credit: Sportsluxe

How to Sleep yourself Slim – Sportsluxe
With Summer just around the corner, getting beach ready becomes a high priority for many! However, so many of us go about it the wrong way, ignoring our general health and wellness for fad diets and silly exercise regimes that exhaust our bodies and can cause injuries.

That’s why we loved this article by Sportsluxe guest blogger James Duigan, who says sleep should be at the centre of our own long term health campaigns. Duigan takes us through a few methods for setting regular sleeping habits in this always on world. And with good sleep comes more energy, fewer cravings for sugar and caffeine, and more motivation to get active.

For us, one of the best things about sleep is how much ease it can put on our beauty routines! A good night’s sleep means smaller, lighter under-eye bags, and general fresher looking skin, just from catching a few Zs.

Good night!


Credit: bellaMUMMA

5 Tricks to Help you Drink More Water – bellaMUMMA
We can spend hundreds on concealers, brightening foundations, moisturisers and the like, but at the end of the day water – yes, good old simple water – is always our number one beauty product.

Drinking plenty of water each day is essential for our health and wellbeing, and when we’re well hydrated it shows on our skin!

These tricks for drinking more water are simple, and also look very tasty! Combine your new hydration with a great sleep routine and watch your skin and general wellbeing improve as we lead into summer!


The Best Beauty Looks from the David Jones Fashion Show – Oz Beauty Expert
The ultimate in summer trend setting hit Sydney last week with the David Jones Spring/Summer Fashion show, allowing fashion editors, bloggers, media and us fashion and beauty lovers to preview what’s coming this season!

One of our favourite parts of the show is sussing out the upcoming beauty trends on the celebs and on the runway. Bonnie from Oz Beauty Expert has sorted us out this week, with her edit of the best beauty looks for the night. It seems like glowing skin and textured hair, but styled hair, will be the look of the summer!

long hair styles

Credit: Beauticate

7 So-Not Boring Styles for Long Hair – Beauticate
While long hair can be effortlessly gorgeous, it can fall flat without the right styling and a few simple products. Deborah Grevett of Paddington’s Papillion Hair, gives Beauticate’s Nicola Donovan the low-down on how to achieve beautiful styles for long hair that look just as chic and sophisticated as the ‘lob’.

In her looks, Deborah recommends a few of our favourite products including Kevin Murphy’s Anti-Gravity Treatment and Orignal Mineral’s Surf Bomb.


Credit: Hair Romance

Easy Lace Braid Tutorial – Hair Romance
Another killer style for long hair, and one that is perfect for summer, is this gorgeous side swept lace braid from Hair Romance.

It looks complex, but it’s simple to achieve. A gorgeous, romantic style for summer nights and special events where you need a low maintenance look!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCOcam with q8 preset

Credit: Sonia Styling


My Mascara Tricks of the Trade – Sonia Styling
If you love to – or are struggling to – create long, bold lashes then this is the article for you. Sonia’s lash technique is a little more complicated than the swipe and go method many of us use, but her full, natural looking lashes are reason enough to give this technique a go.

Clump free, fully fanned, beautiful lashes are doable without applying false lashes!

Five modern-day 70s sirens that will inspire

If you suddenly feel like you’ve entered a beauty time warp, you wouldn’t be wrong! All things 1970s are back in a big way at the moment, and as usual, it’s the fashion muses who are leading the way…

Lana-Del-Rey-02 edit

Credit: @lanadelrey

Lana Del Rey

Eternally alluring, faux eyelashes help create the ultimate 1970s look. The fastest way to achieve a long, full and perfectly curled fringe, falsies scream youthfulness and fun. Choose from individual lashes, a full strip or brush-on fibres for instant glamour.


Credit: @millajovovich

Milla Jovovich

Those smoky, kohl-rimmed eyes have Twiggy written all over them. A well-known trick to make your peepers look bigger, lining your eyes heavily with black also brings out the whiteness. Achieve this look at home with benefit BADgal liner. It’s a pencil on one end, and a smudger on the other!


Credit: @kendalljenner

Kendall Jenner

If there’s one hairdo that peppered the 1970s, it’s surely a middle part. Ideal to slim a circular face or give an illusion of roundness to a long face, it also works particularly well on oval faces. Create the perfect ‘curtains’ by drawing a tail comb from the bridge of your nose, down the centre of your scalp.


Credit: @georgiamayjagger

Georgia May Jagger

Dig out the blue eye shadow, because a 70s-inspired look is all about vibrant peepers! Don’t shy away from greens, purples and corals, either – you’ll be surprised to see how colourful eye make-up makes your irises really pop. Don’t forget to use Jane Iredale Lid Primer to ensure maximum hold.

Claire-Danes edit

Credit: @claire.danes

Claire Danes

Think 1970s, think Farrah Fawcett and her iconic waves. Tousled and easy-to-maintain, this look evokes a carefree, perky and refreshed feeling. Get your own flick with ghd curve tongs soft curl 32mm, then set it in place with a good dose of hairspray.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm: why this moisturiser/primer/mask is in the hall of fame

Is your skincare the crème-de-la-crème?
You might think you’ve found a brilliant product, but until you’ve tried Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, you haven’t a clue what you’re missing out on! Inducted into the Australian Beauty Awards’ Hall of Fame, this is Clarins‘ Holy Grail.

0045310_original_original_1 edit

What we love about it

A true multi-tasker, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm helps to:

  • Make your foundation dewy and long-lasting
  • Add radiance, at any time of the day
  • Keep skin moisturised, soft and smooth
  • Blur fine lines, plump and strengthen
  • Disguise signs of fatigue

How to use it

For a pick-me-up throughout the day, apply a small amount of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm over make-up, for instant radiance!
For use as a primer, apply a thin layer Clarins Beauty Flash Balm onto cleansed skin. Immediately apply make-up, before the product sets.
For use as an intensive treatment, apply a thick layer of Clarins Beauty Flash Balm onto a cleansed face and neck, leaving on for 10 – 15 minutes. Remove with lukewarm water and follow with your favourite moisturiser.
Beauty Flash Balm 1 edit

What customers are saying

“This balm works really well to give my face a more awake, fresh and healthy look when I’m feeling a bit flat and feeling as though my skin is looking a bit dull. I use it moreso under my make-up in the thin layer than I do as a short, wash-off treatment. A clever product that I’m sure I will buy again.” - Jules

“I loved this product. It adds glow to my ageing skin, at the same time as it calms the redness. I will definitely buy it again. I think it deserves its reputation.” - Gab

“This product is amazing, I love the way it preps my skin for make-up, It makes me use less foundation and makes my foundation last longer.” - Danielle

Melissa’s expert tip

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is a staple in my cabinet – and also my toiletry bag. It’s great to take on holidays, as it instantly revives travel-weary skin, doubles as a moisturiser, and, when mixed with foundation, gives my face a relaxed glow.

Beauty Flash Balm 2 edit

Shop Clarins here.

Best of Beauty: Hair Care, Winter Bronzing & Endless Travel Inspo

Happy Friday, Adorables!

So, it’s still freezing cold here at Adore Beauty HQ in Melbourne, but as we tick over into August we can now say that the end is near!

The blogosphere is still full of winter wonders, with the best products for winter now truly tried and tested, and ready to be recommended.

It’s also all about the hair this week, with some great tips for our blonde friends!

Gritty-Pretty_Hair-Masks_3-667x1000 edit

Image: Gritty Pretty

Should You Really Use a Hair Mask? – Gritty Pretty

There’s lots a myths out there about how we should look after our hair, especially in winter. Something that we find many women are sceptical about are hair masks. Eleanor from Gritty Pretty is all over hair masks, and examines exactly why and how you should use them!

Looking to try a mask? Why not give Eleanor’s picks, the Kerastase Chronologiste Le Parfum En Huile for a post-styling hit of hydration, or the O&M Project Sukuroi Gold Smoothing Balm for silky, glossy hair.

Don’t Be a Dumb Blonde – Oz Beauty Expert

Taking care of your hair colour is especially important for blondes, as that bleach can really affect your hair and blonde colours can easily go wrong.

Bonnie, from Oz Beauty Expert, is a bit of a chameleon when it comes to hair colour, with her ever changing locks putting her in the perfect position to talk coloured hair care. Bonnie gives her tips for looking after blonde colours, helping you prevent your hair from going brassy or yellow.

How to Bronze in Winter edit

Image: Beauticate

How to Bronze in Winter – Beauticate

It’s very, very easy to go overboard with the fake tan and bronzers when you’re feeling washed out in winter, but as Sigourney very astutely points out in this post “it makes sense to be a little paler in winter” so don’t go overboard with dark colours.

Her bank of simple tips, and killer product suggestions like the Clinique Sculpting Contour Chubby Stick, will allow you to glow in the final weeks of winter, while still looking the part.

clearskin bellamumma edit

Image: bellaMUMMA

Beauty Insider: A Clear Start for Young Skin – bellaMUMMA

Dermalogica’s Clear Start range is one of our favourites for teenage skin. It’s easy to use and super effective on congested, oily and hormonal skin. And that’s why we love this collaboration by bellaMUMMA and the team at Dermalogica, who’ve put together this detailed feature on the range, showing how and why it works!
We also loved another article from bellaMUMMA’s Lizzy Williamson, who gives away her favourite, and easy, exercise for toning arms. Almost all of us need this a month out from Spring!

New York Travel Guide – Check and Spots

We just thought we’d finish this week’s post off with some serious travel inspiration. Clare from Checks and Spots recently hit up New York for an incredible getaway. She’s put together this simple guide to give us the must dos in the Big Apple.

If you’re thinking of something a little bit different for your next trip, also check out Lipstick & Cake’s stunning photo diary from Singapore. Looks like I’ll be spending the next weeks’ worth of lunchbreaks on Expedia…


Image: Checks and Spots