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The KEVIN.MURPHY VAMFF look that’s a cinch to ‘do’ at home

If you’re suffering from Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival withdrawals, fear not: KEVIN.MURPHY‘s coiffure couture is not only easy to replicate yourself, but super stylish I.R.L., too!


Melissa chatted to the brand’s session master, James Nicholson, as he prepared models for the Autumn 2016 Contemporary Brands Launch, and discovered that this season is all about nurturing the hair.

“We’re seeing a lot of natural ‘dos and colour palettes at this time of year,” Nicholson pointed out. “Summer can be really damaging for the hair in terms of sea salt, bleaching and chlorine, so autumn is a chance to give it a little more care. Even if the style is simple, it can be made fun and personal with a small embellishment.”

He said a looped ponytail can be jazzed up with some detail, like loose waves, as witnessed at the VAMFF show. He shared tips to achieving this look with us here…


1. Apply KEVIN.MURPHY Staying.Alive and KEVIN.MURPHY Anti.Gravity.Spray to damp or dry hair and blow-wave with a large KEVIN.MURPHY Roll.Brush.

2. Working from the nape towards a centre parting, laminate large, uneven sections of hair with KEVIN.MURPHY Motion.Lotion and leave to rest.

3. Finish the look by securing the hair below the nape with an elastic, ensuring to catch the ends in a looped way. Spray with small bursts of KEVIN.MURPHY Doo.Over.



Happy 20th birthday, Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water!

This year marks two decades of Bioderma’s cult cleansing classic: Sensibio H2 O Micellar Water.

BIO_20thCake_FB EDIT

Bioderma is a pioneer in the use of micelles in skincare; in fact, Bioderma Sensibio H2O (formerly known as Crealine H2O) was the first company to create a micellar cleanser for use on the skin and as a result was able to patent the best micelle available on the market.

What is so special about Sensibio?

An extremely gentle face and eye cleanser and make-up remover, Bioderma Sensibio H2 O is a true ‘cult product’. It is particularly loved by make-up artists, celebrities and models the world over for its effective, gentle and hydrating properties.

Sensibio H2 O was the first and only micellar cleansing water that is perfectly compatible with the skin. It requires no water to rinse, is hypoallergenic, soothing and fragrance- and alcohol-free, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin and skin prone to redness.

BIO_20thAnniv_Instagram EDIT

The secret to Sensibio

The secret is Sensibio’s unique micellar formula. Bioderma pioneered the use of micelles in dermocosmetic products. This was extremely innovative, as micelles had only been used before in biology and not skincare. The micelles in Sensibio H2 O work by:

• One part of the micelle has an affinity for water so, when used with a cotton pad it ‘sticks’ to it (this is why you need a cotton pad and can’t use the product in your hands)

• The other part of the micelle has an affinity for fat and stays at the top towards the outside: so when you apply the cotton pad on the face, the part that likes the fat goes directly on the skin and attracts all the dirt, impurities, pollution and make-up – just like a magnet!

When you remove the cotton pad, the micelle closes again and stays on the cotton pad taking all the impurities with it. Initially prescribed by dermatologists for its complete respect, efficacy, single-step practicality and gentleness, it rapidly caught the attention of other skincare professionals: make-up artists. With Sensibio H2O they could finally apply and remove make-up at will without reddening the face of their models or spoiling the products. Between experts’ recommendations and word-of-mouth, Sensibio H2O worked its way to the top.

BIO_20thAnniversary EDIT

Melissa’s expert tip

Did you know that one bottle of Sensibio H2O is sold somewhere in the world every three seconds? Having won countless awards internationally for its revolutionary formula, here in Australia the product has now been  recognised as the number 10 product in beautyheaven’s Top 100
Beauty Products of all time, was one of InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys for 2015 and was a finalist in Women’s Health’s Beauty Hall of Fame Awards. So what are you waiting for? Run to purchase yours here.

How to win at autumn hair – with just a ponytail!

If there’s a silver lining to the fact that summer is officially over, it’s surely this – the hottest hairdo for autumn is the humble ponytail!

8a6b92ba-57ca-4a38-8f25-6d39f7194fee edit

KEVIN.MURPHY debuted the style at his recent fashion launch, revealing that it was inspired by Chloe Sevigny’s signature wet hair look, pulled back at the nape.
“Headpieces, headwear and jewellery embellishments have been incorporated into the launch so the hair needs to be chic and simple to ensure balance. It’s important that the hair doesn’t look too complicated or intrusive on the fashion,” the guru himself, Kevin Murphy, explains.
Achieving this ‘do at home couldn’t be easier – just follow the steps below!

2142988f-f43c-4b13-993a-9dcca57226b9 edit




Apply KEVIN.MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY and KEVIN.MURPHY STAYING.ALIVE. Use a large bristle KEVIN.MURPHY ROLL.BRUSH to smooth out the hair. When hair is dry, apply KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.RESORT.LOTION in two inch sections to the roots and mid-lengths keeping it flat to the scalp. Comb through with a fine tooth comb and create a ponytail that sits at the nape. Secure with a hair tie.


Use KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY for added control and shine.

Myer Hair &make up photos by Lucas Dawson (45) edit


From spiralled to sleek with GHD

Whether your hair is naturally curly and voluminous, or you tend to style it that way, mix up your look with a little help from ghd! Follow this tutorial to learn how easy it is to go from afro to straight with just one tool.


Step one

Prep dry hair with ghd Heat Protect Spray.


Step two

Divide the hair into small sections from above the ear, up to the parting.


Step three

Place one of the portions of hair between the plates of the ghd Platinum Styler and slowly guide through from roots to ends.


Step four

Repeat until all of the hair is straightened and end with a little ghd Smooth and Finish Serum.


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The O&M ocean waves you can do while putting on your make-up

Perfect for the office/university, a lazy afternoon or a night out on the town, ocean waves are the multi-purpose hairdo that not only look perpetually cool, but are a cinch to style!

ocean waves 1

Follow this tutorial from O&M, which can conveniently be done while putting on your make-up!

Step 1

After washing your hair, create a part and roughly dry your hair with a blowdryer (or let it air-dry).

Step 2

Once your hair is just slightly damp, spritz in O&M Surf Bomb Sea Salt Spray and work through with your fingers.

ocean waves 2

Step 3

Next, gently separate your hair into two halves and create loose buns on each side. Twist the hair away from your face to get a flattering result.

Step 4

Use a blow dryer to set the look and let your hair cool while you do your make-up.

Step 5

Undo the buns and loosely shake out the hair. For additional hold spray some O&M Queenie Firm Hold Hairspray.
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Ten steps to the ultimate Bobbi Brown look

No make-up make-up pioneer Bobbi Brown is known for their classic, effortless cosmetics and yet all-too-often, this is harder to achieve than a regular made-up look! Melissa sat down with the brand’s Retail Education Executive, Chantal Morrill, for all the goss on how to achieve Bobbi Brown’s signature style…


1. Skincare

Using your ring finger, dab a little Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Eye Cream along the under eye area. This will not only add much needed hydration to the area, but also ensure that your make-up doesn’t settle into any fine lines. Follow with the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream to both prime and hydrate the skin. And don’t forget to prep and prime the lips with Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF15.


2. Corrector and concealer

Keep blemishes, dark circles and pigmentation at bay with Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit. Skin will be brightened, tone neutralised and your overall look lifted!


3. Face

Take your pick from Bobbi Brown’s range of bases to create a classic canvas. Whether you like light or heavy coverage; liquid, cream or powder formulas; or something with or without sunscreen, these foundations keep you flawless for hours.


4. Powder

Help set your base with Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder. It will soak up any excess sheen, give an airbrushed look and give your skin a soft-focus finish.


5. Cheeks

Add a flush of health with Bobbi Brown Blush. The brand recommends choosing two shades – a natural one, stroked across the cheekbones, to match your lips – and a pop of colour, applied on the apples, for to add vibrancy.


6. Eyebrows

Use Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper and Hair Touch-up to fill in any sparseness, define and darken. The gel also helps set them in place, so no need to worry about strays!


7. Eyes

Make your eyes pop, thanks to Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow. Start by sweeping a light flesh tone all over the lid, followed by a mid-tone applied from lash line up to the crease. Choosing a dark shade to softly line the eyes, apply the powder as is, or wet it for a stronger, more liquid look. For a more defined finish, use Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner across the entire lashline.


8. Eyelashes

Mascara is the trick to a stylish, youthful and wide-awake look. Wiggle a few coats of Bobbi Brown Eye-Opening Mascara onto the top and bottom lashes for instant volume and blackness – great to accompany a smokey eye.


9. Lips

Finish off your visage with the soft-matte, beeswax and vitamin laden formulation of Bobbi Brown Lip Color. If you’re feeling daring, opt for a vibrant shade, but as a rule of thumb, choose a shade that will enhance and lift the natural colour found in the lips after prepping with lip balm.


10. Spritzer

Give skin a glow with Bobbi Brown Face Mist. It’s lightweight and full of nutrients, so your complexion stays refreshed and moisturised all day long.


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The easy-peasy work hairdo that actually looks chic

If you’re anything like me, your standard office hair is either out, in a ponytail or scooped up into a top-knot. Whether your excuse is lack of creativity or lack of care, the one thing we can’t blame any more is lack of time – because SACHAJUAN has created the perfect work-appropriate style that takes only six steps!

Office hair edit

1. Wash your hair

To create this bouncy blow-dry, begin by preparing the hair with SACHAJUAN Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. Do a double shampoo, rinse thoroughly and apply a 20 cent piece-sized amount of conditioner to the mid-length and ends. Brush through with a large rake comb to de-tangle and rinse with cool water for maximum shine.

2. Mousse

Blot the hair dry with a towel, squeezing out excess moisture. Apply a golf ball-sized amount of SACHAJUAN Hair Mousse (medium hold) evenly through the hair. Tip your head upside down and blast with a hairdryer until hair is 60 percent dry.


3. Blowdry

Take a three inch section of hair at the bottom of your head, clipping away the remainder. Using a large round brush, begin blow-drying the hair with firm tension, repeatedly rolling the brush through the mid-lengths and ends to create bounce and volume.

4. Create volume

Repeat the round brush blow-drying through the top and the middle of the head. If your hair is particularly frizzy, you may need to re-wet the top layer slightly to obtain a smoother finish. Blow-dry the top part of the hair, over directing the hair backwards for extra root lift and volume. If your hair is fine, or limp, put rollers in while the hair cools to give extra hold.


5. Hairspray

Allow the hair to cool completely and then apply a few drops of SACHAJAUN Shine Serum to the ends of the hair. Tip your head upside down again and lightly spritz the hair with SACHAJUAN Light & Flexible Hair Spray. Flip your hair up and move it into the correct parting. Give the top a final spritz for good measure.

6. The finishing touch

Give your hair an extra dose of luxe with SACHAJUAN Protective Hair Perfume.