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The best 'do for you!

20 October 2014 1:03:06 PM AEDT

Got the outfit but still searching for the 'do? Here at Adore Beauty, we're ALWAYS on the look-out for a cheat's way to stylish locks and luckily our friends at Cloud Nine have kindly shared the trick to appearing fabulous, dah-ling. Drum roll please...


No more umming and ahhing over what would look good - here's our no-brainer guide to the best 'do for you!


My face is oval-shaped
You can wear any up-do and it will look great. Try a French twist for something different.



My face is trinagle-shaped
Create the illusion of width and height in the forehead area, with a side-swept fringe and wisps around the jawline.



My face is round
You look best with fringes and softness around the face, and height in the crown.



My face is square
Try a ponytail that's level with your eyeline, with loose tendrils at the front.



My face is heart-shaped
A swept-back chignon at the nape of the neck suits you to a T. Parting the hair off-centre is also most flattering.



My face is long
Minimise volume on the top of the head and add some instead to the sides. A loose plait will work with wispy bits around the face.



My face is diamond-shaped
Heavy, front fringes with a high ponytail are ideal, giving the illusion of a larger forehead.


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Halloween make-up to knock your socks off!

24 September 2014 4:40:16 PM AEST

Looking to spice up your make-up this Halloween? Let your imagination run wild with tips from industry experts, then follow our tutorial, courtesy of Inika...happy creating!!

To make your look last all night

If you're worried about your makeup smudging as you make your way to Halloween soirees, ModelCo CEO and Founder Shelley Barrett recommends a quick mist of ModelCo Beauty Fix Airbrush Face.

"This make-up setting spray keeps your makeup immaculate from day-to-night," she explains. "It promises to be smudge, tear and water resistant."

Wicked Witch of the West


The handiwork of Inika national trainer, Rose Lentini!

Apply Inika Pure Primer over the face (avoiding the eye area)

Use Inika Creme Liquid Foundation as a base
Dust Inika Mineral Foundation, in Grace, over the liquid foundation
Shade the face with Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in Black Thunder

Apply Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in Black Thunder, over the lids and under the eye
Add redness around the eye area with Inika Mineral Blush in Blooming Nude, as it has no shimmer
Coat lashes and brows with a lick of black mascara

Line the lips with Inika Mineral Lip Liner in Safari
Fill them in with Inika Mineral Eye Liner in Black Caviar

Top it all off with a pointy hat and you're ready to party on with your bewitching look!

Kevin Murphy spills hairdresser secrets!

16 July 2014 4:13:55 PM AEST

You know when you leave the hairdressers with gorgeous locks and think to yourself, 'Why can't I look like this every day?' We'll let you in on a little can! Our favourite, award-winning hairdresser Kevin Murphy, is not only known for tending to tresses in person but has bottled his expertise, too. Meaning that with his at-home range, it's like having a personal hairdresser at your beck-and-call!

We were lucky enough to catch up with Kevin Murphy himself for all the goss on latest trends and his insider hair secrets you simply must follow, dah-ling.

Australian hairdresser Kevin Murphy talks exclusively with Adore Beauty

Where do you get your inspiration for your amazing products and signature styles from? 
All around! I love the Australian outback and all the amazing ingredients we can source here. They are rich in vitamins and nutrients, which make developing products that little bit easier as we don't have to alter them too much because they just perform so well. I get a lot of inspiration from magazines and runways from around the world, too. I enjoy old movies and TV shows when hair was super styled and hairdressers really dressed hair - I love looking at what they did back in the 20's 30's 40's 50's and then breaking it down and making it modern.

What are some of the things we should look out for this coming season?
Short hair is in, as are long layers, around collar bone height. You can actually do so much with hair that is that length - wear it wavy or smooth and tie it in cute knots and twists.

How can these be adapted for everyday use? Any tips for picking which styles suit which sort of person?
Get a great haircut and have a good chat with your hairdresser. Make sure it is a style that works for your face shape and hair texture. One idea is to take elements from a celebrity's style you love and make them your own.

I'm sick of my current hair colour. What are the shades making waves at the moment?
Natural, all-over colours in warmer tones, pastel blondes and rosy brunettes. Or if you are really game - super bright hair in one colour, all over, is still happening! You need to make sure this matches your general look though; you should never do anything that drastic just because it's fashionable.

Which hair product/styling tool can you not live without? 
My entire range!! I use most products daily, either on myself or on the job styling hair. With tools, I would say a medium sized, hot tong and my rollers - I love rollers! I adore my smoothing brush, too; it's perfect for most looks.

What's the one thing I should be doing every day and every week for optimum hair health?
You should brush your hair every day or at least massage your scalp. It's important to keep the blood flowing to your scalp for the best scalp health and of course, use the best wash and rinse for your hair and scalp needs. Once a week, you should definitely use a treatment or masque, especially in winter when our hair dries out in the wind. Plus sitting all day with the heaters on, we need to rehydrate our hair.


For more insider secrets, check out those of Adore Beauty Founder, Kate Morris.