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Spice up your 'do with American Crew!

18 June 2014 5:03:03 PM AEST

Women change their hair hundreds of times throughout their lifetime, so men, why not do the same and experiment with different looks? Get rid of that old do' you've been sporting for years and try something different this winter, with American Crew.

Below, lead hairstylist for American Crew Australia, Phoenix Thomson, shows guys easy ways to update their locks.

Look 1 - Modern day comb over
1. For a smooth shape with a plenty of hold, prep the hair with American Crew Firm Hold Gel and allow to dry naturally
2. If you need it to dry faster, help it along with some heat and a small flat paddle brush
3. Brush the hair in the direction it moves naturally and use the blow drier at the front for an element of lift at the hairline


Look 2 - Rockabilly edge
1. For a shape that defies gravity, apply American Crew Firm Hold Gel liberally to damp hair
2. Using a dryer and your hands, lift the hair at the roots to get the height needed to re-create this shape
3. Then grab large amounts of hair in your hands and squeeze it as the dryer adds heat to cement the movement on the ends
4. Rub a small amount of American Crew Fiber into your hands and use this on the ends of the hair, for hold and a matte finish


Top tips from American Crew All Star Phoenix Thomson:
1. For a beachy finish on hair, run American Crew Light Hold Gel through damp hair, shake it out and allow to dry for a 'just out of the ocean' texture
2. If it's a groomed finish you want, put a 50 cent piece amount of gel onto damp hair. Comb your part in and dry for a smooth finish with a small paddle brush. It will give you a great foundation for your finishing product. American Crew Pomade is a favourite for high shine!
3. Drying in American Crew Superglue will give you a high hold, high shine wind-defying shape that will last all day. Always apply a small amount to wet hair and use your fingers or a small denman brush and use the hairdryer to lock in the height and form you want to create.
4. Always finish off with a dust of American Crew Boost Powder if you want to add more texture and definition

Shhhh...French Beauty Secrets Revealed

13 June 2014 12:06:43 PM AEST

France is not known for producing some of the world's most stylish women for nothing! Here, twelve Gallic beauties share their make-up and skincare secrets...

"Sometimes when I have puffy eyes, I take ice and put some rose lotion and a cotton pad all together, and put it on my eyes in the morning," - Laetitia Casta, actress. Try this lotion from Nuxe.


"Use two different colours of mascara; black for your top lashes and brown for your bottom ones. It gives you a sharper look with more definition and makes your eyes look even sexier!" - Constance Jablonski, model. Lancome has some beauties.


"When applying skincare, use a light tapping, pressing motion, especially around the eyes," - Virginie Courtin-Clarins, heiress. You'll love Bioderma.


"It is good to have just a few products that are very good quality," - Ines de la Fressange, model.  We recommend La Roche-Posay or Gatineau.


"Put on black eye makeup before going to bed, so it looks all smudgy and beautiful in the morning,"- Jane Birkin, muse. Lancome's our fave.


"My trick is to protect hair with some borage. It's the best nourishing oil. I also put some on my skin after being exposed under the sun," - Julia Restoin Roitfield, art director. We love this from L'Occitane.


"I like masks, and sometimes I use them as a day cream," - Elisa Sednaoui, film director. Try Uriage's mask.


"I always start the day with a cup of hot water and lemon - I find it really cleanses and hydrates me," - Eva Green, actress. For the next best thing, try these from Guinot.


"Use a little lipstick as your blush!" - Isabel Marant, fashion designer. Stock up on these from Lancome.


"With eyeliner, I do a really thin line and almost straight out-I don't go all the way down and up because I have quite small eyes, so it can make my eyes quite droopy," - Josephine de la Baume, singer.  We can't get enough of Lancome's liners.


"When you're tired, Benefit's Benetint makes you look like you've slept for hours," - Astrid Berges-Frisbey, actress


"I know I shouldn't wash my hair so often, but it gets greasy very fast, so I use a tea tree oil shampoo every day and always let it air-dry," - Anne-Catherine Frey, fashion blogger. Check out these options.

Get the MET Gala hairdos!

8 May 2014 4:41:39 PM AEST

We've all drooled over celebrities' hairstyles at fancy awards, resiging ourselves to the fact that we'll never be able to sport their amazing 'dos.


Here, we catch up with Moroccanoil for a sneak peak into how you can replicate the stars' looks at home!


Inspiration: Inspired by the very glam, ultra-elegant haute couture gowns of Charles James, Moroccanoil created a luxurious style for Georgia May Jagger. The hairstyle draws on 1940s American glamour and Veronica Lake's iconic cascading curls.

- Apply Moroccanoil Volumising Mousse to wet hair from root-to-tip to create volume at the crown and give strands extra body and bounce.
- Blow dry hair smooth using a Moroccanoil 35mm brush.

- Starting with the top section of the head (full crown), use 1.5" barrel iron to curl hair in a backwards direction. When strands are still hot, pin the curls and allowto cool.
- Next, take the hair on the sides of the head divide into two sections. Using a 1.5" barrel iron, curl each section towards the back of the head. When strands are still hot, pin curls and set to cool.
- Divide rest of hair into 2" sections and using barrel iron to create soft, full, voluminous waves. Then brush this hair to soften the waves into 40's-style waves.

- Remove pins from top sections of hair and lightly finger-brush through ends with Moroccanoil Treatment Light to control flyawaysand add extra shine.
- Spritz Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine for a red carpet-ready, ultra-shiny finish.

Inspiration: For this year's 'White Tie & Decorations' Charles James-inspired MET Gala, Moroccanoil created a soft updo to complement Claire Danes' elegant, strapless Oscar de la Renta gown. The hairstyle was inspired by Charles James' haute couture evening gowns and his way of elegantly dressing glamorous women.

- Apply Moroccanoil Volumising Mousse to damp hair from root-to-tip to create volume at the crown and give strands extra body and bounce.
- Blow dry hair smooth
- Using a 1.5" barrel iron, curl 1" sections around entire head; apply Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection to each section before curling to protect strands and keep hair shiny and healthy. Allow to cool.

- Draw a deep side part and finger comb the hair into a very low ponytail, keeping the hair loose-not taut-and secure with an elastic.
- Next, wrap the entire ponytail into a physical knot, pulling end of the ponytail through. Tuck end under and secure entire knotwith pins.

- Lightly pull out face-framing pieces and finish with Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine for a shiny, gorgeous style.


Inspiration: Drawing on this year's theme "White Tie & Decorations" and Charles James' structured approach to fashion design, Moroccanoil created a glamorous, structural updo for Selena Gomez, who attended alongside Diane von Furstenberg. Inspired by the legendary designer'sglamorous approach to haute couture, Selena's style is truly American glamour (plus, the updo puts the show-stopping, stunning earrings on full-display).

- Apply Moroccanoil Volumis ing Mousse to wet hair from root-to-tip to create volume at the crown and give strands extra body and bounce.
- Blow dry hair smooth
- Using a 1.5" barrel iron, curl 1" sections around entire head; apply Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection to each section before curling to protect strands and keep hair shiny and healthy.

- To create the updo, split hair in three sections: bottom (ear-to-ear); middle (temple-to-temple) and top (full crown).
- Starting with bottom section, create a ponytail at the nape of the neck, and then roll entire the ponytail upwards and pin horizontally for a tube effect. Secure with pins.
- Next, roll the middle section horizontally and pin underneath into the bottom roll.
- Lightly tease the top section for extra volume. Then, roll vertically (similar to a downward French twist) and pin into the middle roll.

- Finish with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong for long-lasting hold and Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine for a photo-ready, red carpet finish.